Totally getting into this vacation shit.



MIA - 1

I gazed out over the maze, but I didn't see any movement.

If my informant hadn't been reliable, I would have turned around right then.

But the information I had was correct. He was in trouble. For all I knew, he could already be dead.

Taking a deep breath, I dropped down to the entrance, then lowered myself noiselessly to my knees, and started crawling forward.

"Where are you?" I breathed the words, not really expecting a response. Not surprised when I didn't get one.


Devil's Task - 31

"Does anyone hear bells?" Indy tilted his head, listening.

I glanced over his shoulder and couldn't believe my eyes.

The prince barked a laugh. "Tinkerbells."

The big purple guy looked back at us. "The Hoff gave me gas." Then he turned and walked off into the night.

Devil's Task - 30

"Look at Tink go!" I watched as the purple fellow swelled in size while he sucked the Hoff devil right into his mouth.

"I could have done without the fireworks." The prince rolled his eyes.

"Let's go get some breakfast." Indy turned his back on the scene and wrapped a hand around my arm.

"Shouldn't we stay and make sure the Devil is really gone?"

"The Tink has him, what could possibly go wrong?"


More than Meets the Eye

Contemplating my ass...